Senin, 10 November 2014

Alienbyte Futuristic Interface II

Skins of this kind tend to make for a larger monitor and a powerful "hardware", the use of skins on the set of laptops is simply impossible. But that does not mean this skin. It is suitable to any laptop with a widescreen monitor, thanks to the optimal size of the skin and moderate load on the processor and graphics card. Skin is a solid panel at startup they pushed on top of the screen, which displays a variety of information ranging from the monitoring system of finishing fast access to programs and folders.

The default interface is blue, it can easily be changed to any other editing a few lines in the code. For this purpose, the values "[Style]" and "[Style2]" need to change the following settings:

ImageTint = Color basics
FontColor = Font Color
BarColor = Indicator Color

Credit: Alien-byte

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